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LED wall washer main application field and its lighting effect


LED wall washers, as the name suggests, as the name suggests, let the lights wash the wall like water, mainly used for architectural decoration lighting, as well as to outline the large buildings.


About LED wall washers are mainly used in those places


LED wall washers are ideal for panoramic floodlighting of internal and external walls such as government lighting projects, commercial spaces, stage, conference rooms, display lights, ancient buildings, cultural squares, elevated overpasses, building facades, architectural landmarks, etc. Landscape building, outdoor plaza. Landscape objects and walls, display products. General LED wall washers are used in outdoor projects.


LED wall washers are available in a variety of colors, dazzling and colorful!


LED wall washer can do red, yellow, blue, green, white, warm white, colorful color and other effects. Through the organic combination of colorful light and water, it creates a sense of agility and gives you a dreamlike feeling.


About the characteristics of LED wall washer :

1. Use mature high-power LED as the light source.

2. Long service life, greater than 50,000 hours.

3. The wall washer is made of high quality aluminum alloy casing and has excellent heat dissipation.

4. The projection angle adjustment range is large and the brightness is high.

5. There are fixed screw holes, universal interface, easy to install.


If the customer has special requirements for lighting and very precise projects, such as large stadiums/government agencies/hospital lighting and Shangxuan lighting engineering, (Shenzhen LED lighting manufacturers Qun Yao Optoelectronics) recommend more professional lighting design companies to Simulated lighting effects


Lighting design (lighting design) is generally a value-added service launched by LED lighting manufacturers for LED lighting products. LED lighting manufacturers prefer to sell products, so if only the relevant information of lighting design is needed, LED lighting manufacturers are generally not provided free of charge.

led wall washer lighting effect

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